Activity on this site

At this time the site is in its infancy.

I am planning to add more content in the future, although time is at a premium and I have to keep active to fund my activities. Thus, donations would certainly go a long way to help me achieve the goal of filling this site with lots of training videos on realistic drawing.

For all those that support the site, I say THANK YOU!


4 Replies to “Activity on this site”

  1. Hi rix, I have been following you on YouTube and just wanted to let you know that you really do a great job not just in drawing, but on reviews as well! I wanted to pass along a couple of products that might help out as it has helped me out. 1 Testors micro sponges. 2 Quo q-tips check them out.

  2. When you draw realistic hair you use a pencil eraser with a long edge. Can you tell me what brand that you are using? Thank you.

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