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My RixCanDoIt Youtube channel is not about selling stuff.  That’s just not my thing.

I’m interested in drawing and sharing with others the things I have learned.

Unfortunately, there are costs associated with producing videos and I’m in a pinch when it comes to finding a way to support this channel.

With all my art supply reviews you’d think I’d be able to monetize it by adding Amazon Affiliate links.  Unfortunately, I live in Arkansas and Amazon does not offer affiliations to this state. So that’s a bummer!

This is why I decided to add a Teespring Storefront.

When you purchase items from the RixCanDoIt Store, a small portion of the proceeds goes to RixCanDoIt. Teespring, of course, receives the bulk of it because they provide the product and shipping. Every little bit helps.

Help support this channel in producing these free online Realistic Drawing Tutorials.
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