Important Suggestions for Transfer Success

I want you to have the best experience possible with the RixCanDoIt Quick Transfer Paper.

For that reason, I ask that you please read carefully the following suggestions so as to avoid any issues in using the paper.

Thousands of sheets of this paper has been printing and transferring around the world without any issue. But there are some who happen to have a very finicky printer. So if you happen to be one of them, please consider the suggestions below.

Quick Transfer Paper (QTP) is a hand-made product. It is made from 20# fine 8.5 x 11 (US Letter) 25% Cotton paper, one sheet at a time. Yes, it is a very time-consuming process.

The paper is double-coated on one side only (coated, dried, coated, dried) before being pressed with high heat in order to ‘flatten’ the paper and remove as much of the crinkled and curl that is natural for paper that has been coated (wetted).

Due to the hand-made nature of this paper, there may be some sheets that have some ‘crinkle’ on an edge.

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that when printing on this paper (on the coated side only) that you only feed ONE SHEET AT A TIME to be printed. Avoid putting multiple sheets at once into the printer to avoid the possibility of multiple sheets getting pulled at once through the rollers.

Many printers provide the ability to feed a single sheet of paper into the printer. Use this feature when available. Otherwise, simply place one sheet into your paper tray to print at a time.

Some printers are more sensitive to paper thickness than others. If your printer has any issue feeding in the paper, be sure your printer is set to handle a higher weight value (if set for 20# paper, set to 24#). Also, make sure you have your printer set to US LETTER paper size (8.5 x 11).

If you have any concern about an edge having too much of a curl or crinkle and want a more flattened edge, you can take a hot iron to the non-coated side of the paper and press the edge. Do NOT wet the paper!