#1 Best Super Quick Transfer Paper

RixCanDoIt Quick Transfer Paper


Watch this video to see how you can transfer your laser printed images onto wood or paper in about ONE MINUTE!

No longer do you need to wait overnight for your transfer to dry, only to then have to soak it with water and make a real mess rubbing it until all the paper pulp is rubbed away.

And most times, you have to let it dry again to see the paper that was not rubbed off, then wet it and rub once again. Often, you end up rubbing off some of the image!

Oh, but there is the WAX PAPER method. Before my paper, it was the best method available for laser prints. The wax paper method requires a dry time, and it also requires that you make sure it doesn’t lift before it has time to dry since things tend not to want to stick to wax.

Why I Developed the RixCanDoIt Quick Transfer Paper

I scoured the Internet, watched dozens and dozens of image transfer videos on Youtube, and was NOT able to find JUST ONE video showing how to transfer high quality laser printed images onto wood or paper in just about ONE MINUTE.

The BEST methods I found was the Wax Paper from Labels method and the Tom Palasades Transfer Paper method.  Both these methods have much longer drying times. Wax Paper from Labels requires peeling off labels, and can easily smear. 

How to Transfer Laser Printed Images to Wood.  (must be smooth/sanded surface for good solid transfer using the 1 minute method. Otherwise, use the 5 minute dry and wet peel method.)

One minute method
1. Print your image onto the RixCanDoIt Quick Transfer Paper on the side marked by a small dot in the corner of the paper. 
2. Apply a film of Gel Medium onto the smooth wood surface where you want to transfer the image, making sure to add enough so there are no dry spots but not too much to avoid excess ooze out.
4. Place your “mirrored” image face down onto the surface treated with Gel Medium.
5. Proceed to press it down using a Brayer roller (highly recommended). 
6. As soon as 1 minute has elapsed, gently start to peel from a corner or side and pull gently across substrate (do not pull up but horizontally).
7. All done! Give time to dry if you are going to add a sealer.

Five minute method (used for other substrates or not so smooth wood surfaces)
1. Instructions the same as one minute method, except you can use other types of glues not affected by water once dried. Mod Podge, Gel Medium, Tacky Glue, etc.
2. Allow to fully dry or use a hair dryer and dry for about 3-4 minutes (time can vary depending on glue and heat source).
3. Soak the paper with water when you are reading to remove it, giving it at least a minute or two to go through the paper.
4. Dab off excess with paper towel and carefully peel. You may have to make more than one peel if it tears. No big deal. Rubbing is not required to remove this paper. Easy!



This is high-quality 25% cotton bond paper that I have treated with my solution to make it do what it does. When manufactured paper gets wet after it has already been made, it will start to ‘curl’. As it dries, it will relax back some, but it will NEVER be exactly as it was before it was wet.

So when you receive this paper, do not be surprised to see the paper has some waves to it. It does NOT affect the performance of the paper and it will feed into your printer without any issues. It has been flattened to a large degree, so any waves are minor. It is simply impossible to return the paper back to its “pre-treated” state nor is it necessary.


Use Laser Printed images.  Results with inkjets are spotty. You can try it, but it is hit and miss and does not provide the high quality you will get using a laser print.

Use a Brayer Roller. (You might get away with other methods of pressing, such as burnishing. But I have found great success using the brayer. Highly recommended!)



Before you request to purchase, keep in mind that this paper is made “in-house”, literally! I am producing this paper in my own home and can only produce a limited supply at any given time.

So it is FCFS (first-come, first-served).

Shipping prices listed below is for within the United States only.

(CANADA: We may be able to ship to customers in Canada via USPS First Class International. In order to determine this, please provide your full address and the amount of paper you wish to order so we can determine what your shipping cost will be.)

If you would like to order my special Quick Image Transfer Paper, send email to rixcandoit@gmail.com.

In the SUBJECT of the email, write “Quick Transfer Paper”.

In the MESSAGE write “Hi Rix, Please send me a Paypal invoice for (specify number of sheets you’d like).”

Upon receiving the email I will reply and also send you the requested invoice so you can order via Paypal. 


8.5″ x 11″ US Letter Size

Current Prices:

32.00 + 7.50 s&h for 75-sheets (Total 39.50 usd)
+ 7.50 s&h for 50-sheets (Total 29.50 usd)
12.00 + 7.50 s&h for 25-sheets (Total 19.50 usd)

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