Super Quick Transfer Paper

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Download Instructions PDF: QuickTransferPaperInstructions


Print Using a Laser Printer.  Excellent complete transfers using Laser prints.  If you choose to use an Inkjet printer, you may end up with a less opaque transfer as inkjet printers use ‘wet’ inks that will react with the coating with some of the ink penetrating and staying with the paper itself rather than fully releasing onto your substrate. If you do not have a Laser and would like the best results, consider going to a big box stationary store like Staples, Office Depot, Office Max, etc. They have Laser printing services.

Use a Brayer Roller. This is available at most art supply stores and online. Amazon sells several sizes with varying prices. 

Use the COMPLETE DRY METHOD (~4 to 5 minutes with hair dryer) to transfer your images. This method provides the highest quality print with a much higher degree of repeated success. It also allows you the use of more options for application, like using Mod Podge, white school glue, tacky glues, wood glue, etc.

The 1-minute method is for those situations where you really do not want to get the area of application wet. However, it requires using Gel Medium only (glues and Mod Podge do not seem to work for this) and takes some practice to get it right every time. You need to apply enough gel medium that it remains wet and not sticky when applying the transfer paper, and you need to peel off immediately upon 1-minute to avoid the paper from becoming glued due to drying. So it is advised to use the Complete Dry method when possible.



This is high-quality 25% cotton bond paper that I have treated with my solution to make it do what it does. This paper is made in my home and is not mass produced. Each sheet is treated by hand, allowed to dry, then pressed. Much time and labor is put into making this paper and I have priced it to be quite affordable.



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8.5″ x 11″ US Letter Size

Current Prices (shipping is extra):

31.50 for 75-sheets
for 50-sheets 
12.50 for 25-sheets

(** USPS Priority Mail is $7.55 for US deliveries up to 75 sheets. For OUTSIDE US, pricing will vary.)

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