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Print Using a Laser Printer.  Excellent complete transfers using Laser prints.  If you choose to use an Inkjet printer, you may end up with a less opaque transfer as inkjet printers use ‘wet’ inks that will react with the coating with some of the ink penetrating and staying with the paper itself rather than fully releasing onto your substrate. If you do not have a Laser and would like the best results, consider going to a big box stationary store like Staples, Office Depot, Office Max, etc. They have Laser printing services.

Use a Brayer Roller. This is available at most art supply stores and online. Amazon sells several sizes with varying prices. 

Use the COMPLETE DRY METHOD (~4 to 5 minutes with hair dryer) to transfer your images. This method allows you to use most glues like Mod Podge, white glue, tacky glue, etc. It does not require you to be as exacting in glue medium application as the ‘quick transfer’ method (which is under a minute). This is also the method you want to use when applying your image to anything that is not smooth wood. For smooth wood surfaces, I personally like the 1-Minute method for speed.

Use the 1-minute method for transfers to smooth wood surfaces. However, it requires using Gel Medium only (glues and Mod Podge do not seem to work for this) and takes some practice in making sure you add enough to avoid dry spots. This method is super fast, with the actual transfer done in 45-seconds to a minute. You simply apply gel medium (Liquidtex, Blick, etc.) to your smooth wood surface with your finger to make sure you have full coverage and enough that it is still wet when applying the paper. Any dry areas will not transfer. Press with a brayer to assure good contact during the 45-second wait. Then immediately moisten the back of the paper and dab up any excess. Immediately start to peel, moving across the paper horizontally while doing so to minimize ripping. Done!



This is high-quality 25% cotton bond paper specially coated to do what it does. This paper is homemade and not mass produced. Each sheet is treated by hand, allowed to dry, then pressed. Much time and labor is put into making this paper. Yet, I have priced it to be really affordable. Please note that the prices listed INCLUDE shipping (Priority Mail in US, First Class International Package for outside US.)

We have been experiencing unexpected high demand for our Quick Transfer Paper (QTP). Up till now we’ve been able to keep up and ship same day (or next day if order comes in late in day). Because packaging and shipping takes a great amount of time, we can only offer two sizes to be efficient. Available package sizes are 50 and 100 sheets for now.  Thank you.  Rix.


NOTE: The following prices INCLUDE the cost of shipping. So what you see is the TOTAL price to ship the paper to you.

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Sheet size:  8.5″ x 11″ US Letter  (Shipping included in price.)

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Sheet size:  8.5″ x 11″ US Letter  (Shipping to Canada is included in price.)

Quick Transfer Paper (Canada)


International Customers (Outside US and Canada):  **

Sheet size:  8.5″ x 11″ US Letter  (Shipping included in price.)

Quick Transfer Paper - United Kingdom


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