#1 Best Super Quick Transfer Paper

RixCanDoIt Quick Transfer Paper


Watch this video to see how you can transfer your laser printed images onto wood or paper in about ONE MINUTE!

No longer do you need to wait overnight for your transfer to dry, only to then have to soak it with water and make a real mess rubbing it until all the paper pulp is rubbed away.

And most times, you have to let it dry again to see the paper that was not rubbed off, then wet it and rub once again. Often, you end up rubbing off some of the image!

Oh, but there is the WAX PAPER method. Before my paper, it was the best method available for laser prints. The wax paper method requires a dry time, and it also requires that you make sure it doesn’t lift before it has time to dry since things tend not to want to stick to wax.

Why I Developed the RixCanDoIt Quick Transfer Paper

I scoured the Internet, watched dozens and dozens of image transfer videos on Youtube, and was NOT able to find JUST ONE video showing how to transfer high quality laser printed images onto wood or paper in just about ONE MINUTE.

The BEST methods I found was the Wax Paper from Labels method and the Tom Palasades Transfer Paper method.  Both these methods have much longer drying times. Wax Paper from Labels requires peeling off labels, and the TPTP requires longer soaking and tends to jam many laser printers unless you put masking tape on it. Also, it is no longer available to purchase at the time of this posting.

How to Transfer Laser Printed Images to Wood, Paper, Fabric and other things.

1. Print your image onto the RixCanDoIt Quick Transfer Paper on the side marked by a small dot in the corner of the paper. 
2. Cut off most of the excess paper around the images.
3. Apply a thin film of Gel Medium onto the surface to be transferred to, making sure to add enough so there are no dry spots but not too much that it will ooze out the sides when you apply the image and press down on it.
4. Place your “mirrored” image face down onto the surface treated with Gel Medium.
5. Proceed to press it down using a Brayer roller (highly recommended), then continue to press using your finders all round the image to help make a good contact. 
6. As soon as 1 minute has elapsed, take a moist sponge (not sopping wet!) and wipe the back of the transfer quickly, but don’t wait, immediately start to pull off the image transfer paper in a slow controlled manner.
7. All done!

INKJET (Pigment Ink tested)



This is high-quality 25% cotton bond paper that I have treated with my solution to make it do what it does. When manufactured paper gets wet after it has already been made, it will start to ‘curl’. As it dries, it will relax back some, but it will NEVER be exactly as it was before it was wet.

So when you receive this paper, do not be surprised to see the paper has some waves to it. It does NOT affect the performance of the paper and it will feed into your printer without any issues. It has been flattened to a large degree, so any waves are minor. It is simply impossible to return the paper back to its “pre-treated” state nor is it necessary.


Use Laser Printed images.  (Inkjet works, but is not as great as laser and the procedure is different. See videos on how to do inkjet transfers.)

Use Gel Medium. (Other mediums and glues can work, but you will have to test them and figure out the different drying times. Gel Medium works in around 1 minute and does a great job.)

Use a Brayer Roller. (You might get away with other methods of pressing, such as burnishing. But I have found great success using the brayer than not.)


Before you request to purchase, keep in mind that this paper is made “in-house”, literally! I am producing this paper in my own home and can only produce a limited supply at any given time.

So it is FCFS (first-come, first-served).

For now, I can only accept orders from within the US and only by first sending me an email.

If you would like to order my special Quick Image Transfer Paper, send me an email.

If I have paper available, I will suggest using Paypal to order.

If there is a backorder, I will then respond to ask if you want to be put on a waiting list.

Email me at rixcandoit@gmail.com to arrange purchase through PayPal.

In the SUBJECT of the email, write “Quick Transfer Paper”.


8.5″ x 11″ US Letter Size

Current Prices:

$22.00 + $7.00 s&h for 50-sheets (Total $29)
$11.00 + $6.00 s&h for 25-sheets (Total $17)


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