Blackwing Giveaway Official Guidelines, Requirements, and Rules

Official Guidelines, Requirements, Rules

YouTube Guidelines and Privacy Statement

All participates of the Blackwings Giveaway associated with the RixCanDoIt channel must adhere to the YouTube Community Guidelines. Click here to read those guidelines.

All participants of the Blackwings Giveaway associated with the RixCanDoIt channel acknowledge that YouTube is NOT a sponsor and that participants release YouTube from any and all liability related to this Giveaway.

All personal information, such as names and addresses that may be sent in relation to this Giveaway will NOT be shared or sold to any third party, nor used for any reason outside of communication between the RixCanDoIt channel and the participants.

While no personal information will be shared with anyone (such as real name, address, etc.), the participant fully acknowledges that his/her Youtube identity (the YouTube username alone) may be mentioned or posted, either by video, comment(s) on a video, or provided in response to YouTube inquiries or participants requesting the username of the winning participant in relation to this Giveaway.

Giveaway Item(s)

One Blackwing Volumes pencil from the first 12 released Blackwing Volumes.

Specifically, the following pencils:

One (1) Blackwing Volumes 725 pencil
One (1) Blackwing Volumes 1138 pencil
One (1) Blackwing Volumes 530 pencil
One (1) Blackwing Volumes 211 pencil
One (1) Blackwing Volumes 54 pencil
One (1) Blackwing Volumes 1 pencil
One (1) Blackwing Volumes 56 pencil
One (1) Blackwing Volumes 16.2 pencil
One (1) Blackwing Volumes 24 pencil
One (1) Blackwing Volumes 344 pencil
One (1) Blackwing Volumes 73 pencil
One (1) Blackwing Volumes 205 pencil

Total: Twelve (12) Blackwing Volumes pencils

Giveaway Requirements

No purchase is necessary.  This Giveaway is free to all subscribers.
You must live in the contiguous United States 48 states.
You must be 13 years or older.
You must be a subscriber to the RixCanDoIt YouTube Channel with Notifications enabled.
Participants acknowledge and give permission that their Youtube identity (username only) may be shared publicly or privately in relation to this Giveaway.

Giveaway Rules

  1. Post a comment on the Blackwing Giveaway video sharing which Blackwings are your favorites, from most favorite to least favorite. You may post as many times as you like.
  2. Send one (1) email to and provide your Youtube username that you used to post comments with along with the list of Blackwing Volumes pencils reviewed in the Blackwing Giveaway video in the EXACT order the pencils were reviewed in the video.  Do NOT send any personal information, such as your name and address, unless specifically asked to do so upon notification that you are the recipient of the Giveaway Blackwings.
  3. Emails must be received NO LATER THAN May 9th, 2018.



Failure to follow any of these Guidelines, Requirements, and Rules listed above will result in a disqualification of the submission.



All emails received in relation to this Giveaway that qualifies for the drawing for the twelve (12) Blackwing Volumes pencils will be part of a blind random drawing on May 10th, 2018.

Three emails will be drawn, with the first one being the winner of the Giveaway and the other two are backups in the event that the winning participant has been disqualified for failing to follow the Guidelines, Requires, and Rules set-forth within this document.

If the participant in the email is found not to meet the requirements set forth in this document, the participant will be disqualified and the second drawn email will be the new winner, pending test of qualification.


The winning participant will then be notified by email of being the winner of the Giveaway, with a request for shipping information within the contiguous 48 US states. If no reply is received within 48 hours of the request, another email will be sent to the participant again requesting shipping information.  If no reply is received again after 48 hours, the drawn email is thrown out and the next to be drawn will be the winning participant and notified by email under the same conditions as the first.

Public Notification of Winner

At no time will the personal identity of participants, whether the winner or other, be shared with the public or any third party. All personal information is held confidential and used only for the purpose of delivery of the Giveaway.